Medusa - Maya Thomas

Perseus - Max Meyers

Steno -Vivienne Cleary

Euryale - Bethany Eggleston

Tiresias - Juwan Crawley

Athena - Heidi Blickenstaff

Greek Chorus - Trisha Jeffrey, Frank Galgano, Matt Castle, Marcus Beckett, Nicole Sumlin

Drums - Janna Graham

Piano - Matt Castle

Produced, orchestrated, and music directed by Frank Galgano and Matt Castle

Engineered by Frank Galgano

All music and lyrics by Wes Braver and Rachel Dean, © copyright 2019.

  • 3:44
    The Greek Chorus, led by the oracle Tiresias, sing the opening number, introducing the world and its characters.
  • 3:43
    Medusa gets tired of hearing the Greek Chorus tell her backstory - she grabs the mic and tells it herself.
  • 1:33
    A captain in the Athenian army, recently returned from war, introduces himself to Medusa.
  • 3:24
    Medusa finds Perseus in the temple garden, where he apologizes for his earlier behavior.
  • 5:03
    Medusa meets Poseidon, the god of the ocean, at a party. The next morning, she wakes up on the beach in a fog. Meanwhile, her fellow priestesses, Steno and Euryale, search for her.
  • 4:23
    Hearing Medusa's prayers, Athena, the goddess of Justice, contemplates whether she should intervene.
  • 3:26
    Medusa accuses Poseidon of rape, and Athena takes her case. But Poseidon is found not guilty by the men of Athens. Steno, the high priestess, confides in Medusa, and counsels her not to keep pushing further.
  • 3:58
    The people of Athens have turned against Medusa for slandering a god. Some even say there are snakes in her hair - that she’s transformed into a Gorgon. Perseus is tasked with hunting the monster.
  • 2:56
    Banished from the city, Medusa wanders in exile.